Charity and Donations are part and parcel of the preaching of Sri Shri Shirdi Sai Baba. During His lifetime, Baba preached the need to help the poor people. Baba sometimes collects Dakshina from the devotees to help the devotees in need. Baba's message was simple - We need to give donation with utmost devotation and help the needy. He used to cook food with his own hand and feed the poor (or whoever comes to his door) / Baba takes Dakshina from Devotees to relieve/reduce the burden of sins in past births.

With the same philosphy, preached by Sri Shridi Sai Baba, "Sri Hanuma Sai Kuteerem Trust" accepts donations for various charitable and religious activities.

Sri Hanuma Sai Kuteeram accepts donations in the following mediums,

A) Cash Donation : Cash donation is accepted in Indian Rupees at the Trust Office or by Trust Members only. Receipt will be issued immediately after receiving the Donation.

B) Cheque/DD Donation : Donation by Cheque / DD shall be in the name of "SRI HANUMA SAI KUTEERAM TRUST" and acknowledgement receipt will be issued immediately. Final receipt is issued after realisation of Cheque / DD.

C) Postal Donation : Please send the Cheque / DD / M.O. in the Name of "SRI HANUMA SAI KUTEERAM TRUST" to the Trust address mentioned below.

D) Net Banking: Donation can be made to "SRI HANUMA SAI KUTEERAM TRUST" through Online Net banking to the below Bank Account. Please send the transaction information by email to with the details of the donation and purpose. The receipt will be sent by post.

All receipts will be sent to the donar within 15 days, when the donation is sent via post.

Bank Information :
Account Number : 007610011374798
IFSC Code : UBIN0800767

Sri Hanuma Sai Kuteeram uses the donation for following purposes and the devotee may specify their wishes to spend the donation in these category. In-case the specified is not provided, then Trust will determine and utilize the donation in the category, where it is needed.

  • Annadanam/Pooja Fund
    • General Annadanam
    • Saswata Ubhayam (yearly once pooja offering done in Doner's name - Min 1116.00 INR)
    • Daily Ubhayam (Monthly 100.00 INR any day requested by the Doner to offer pooja)
    • Baba maha samadhi day Annadanam
    • Gurupoornima day Annadanam
    • Baba Janmadinam Annadanam
    • Hanumat Jayanti (Pooja & Prasadam)
    • Saswatha Pooja (Min 1116.00 INR to offer Pooja to Baba on the name & gothram of Doner yearly once on the day requested by them.
    • SriRamaNavami (Pooja & Prasadam)
    • Dutta Jayanti (Pooja & Prasadam)
    • Annual Function/Varshika Utshavam - 3 days Annadanam
    • Donation for any other festivals
  • Corpus fund : To be utilized for maintenance of The Mandir and Trust objectives.
  • Building fund : To be utilized for further constructional activities like improvement to Mandir, Annadanam buildings, etc.
  • Book Publication fund : To be utilized for publication of Baba books and distribution.

Important Contact Information

Trust Office

Sri Sai Nilayam, Cheruvu - 522113,
Bapatla Mandal,
Guntur District,
Andhra Pradesh.
Ph: +91-9490342348
facebook @srihanumasaikuteeram

Managing Trustee Address

Sree Sayiswari Sadanam,
7/75, New Ananda Nagar,
Ph: +91-9843249594
facebook @srihanumasaikuteeram