Pujyasri Bapatla Hanumantha Rao (1902 - 1973)

Sri Bapatla Hanumantha Rao garu was born in Bapatla on 14th Sept 1902 to Smt. Chinna Punnamma garu and Sri Bapatla Veeraiah garu. Smt. Chinna Punnamma garu was proficient in Sanskrit and Telugu and was the first guru to Sri Hanumantha Rao garu. Under her guidance, he developed a keen interest in ancient scriptures and puranas at a very young age. He studied Sanskrit & Telugu courses and became "Ubhaya Bhasha Praveena". He started translating the scriptures into sweet Telugu poems.

At a the age of 22, he translated "Bhagavadgita" by Sri Veda Vyasa into easy understandable Telugu poems. He translated great works like Sri Adi Sankara's Prabhodha Sudhakaram, Bhaja Govinda Slokas, Sri Nigamantha Desikulu's Srinivasa Daya Satakam, Paduka Sahasram, Sri Leelasuka's Sri Krishna Karnamrutam, Sage Narada's Narada Bhakti Sutramulu (Premamrutam) into Telugu poems.He settled in Chinnagajam and worked as a Telugu pandit in Zilla Parishad High School.

At the early hours of 27th Dec 1944, Sri Hanumantha Rao garu had a dream in which a "Fakir" appeared and ordered him to write "this & this" books and told He is the God, Sri Hanumantha Rao garu, was worshipping all these days and appeared as Sri Rama, Krishna, Siva, Maruti and Datta and back to Fakir and disappeared. After dawn, Sri Hanumantha Rao garu was called to Chirala by Sri B. V. Narasimha Swamy (Founder President A.I.S.S Chennai) who gave some English books written by him and a photo of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba and informed Sri Hanumantha Rao garu "Baba wants you to translate these works into Telugu and spread Sri Sai Baba teachings in Andhra Pradesh". Sri Hanumantha Rao garu recongised Baba as the Fakir in his dream and considered it as blessing of Baba and a direction provided by Him and started translating the Books into Telugu.

He wrote and published many books on the teaching of Sri Sai Baba and distributed them in Andhra Pradesh. His work "Yemee Ninnupekshintuna" (Life History of Sri Sai Baba and Devotee's experiences) became the starting point for the Sai Bhakti in Andhra Pradesh.

On "Ksheerabdi Dwasasi" day - 7th Nov 1973, Sri Hanumantha Rao garu breathed his last.

Pujyasri Bapatla Venkata Pardhasaradhy (1924 - 2005)

Sri Bapatla Venkata Pardhasaradhy garu was born in Nagulapadu vilage on 10th Sept 1924 to Smt.Kameswaramma and Sri Bapatla Hanumantha Rao garu. Sri Pardhasaradhy garu followed his father's footsteps and became a great Baba devotee.

He came to Cheruvu Jammulapalam village in 1947 and took over the heriditary post of Karanam (Village Head) from his Grand Father Sri Veeraiah garu and worked till 1984. He acquired the literary skills of his Father, and wrote many spiritual books on Sri Sai Baba. Sri Pardhasaradhy garu printed and published all the unpublished works of his father, Sri Hanumantha Rao garu, and distrubuted them to devotees in Andhra Pradesh.

Sri Pardhasaradhy garu always considered his father as his first guru and wanted to convert the place where his father resided into a Baba Mandir. However, considering his own responsibilites, he had kept this desire aside for some time.

In 2004, Sri Pardhasaradhy garu felt the time had come to fulfill his vision to built a Baba Mandir in Chinnaganjam. He registered a Trust namely "Sri Hanuma Sai Kutereem Trust" and entrusted his childern to take the responsiblity of construction of the Mandir.

On 18th Jan 2005, at the age of 80 years, he breathed his last. His vision was fulfilled by the Trust under His Divine guidance in 2007.

Sri Hanuma Sai Kutereem Trust

With the Intention of constructing Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir in Chinnaganjam Village, Sri Bapatla Venkata Pardhasaradhy garu registered a Trust in the name "Sri Hanuma Sai Kuteeram Trust" on 23rd Sept 2004.

Under this trust, the Mandir construction was started on 1st June 2005. The people of Chinnagajam, were very happy and provided cooperation and support for the construction of the Mandir.

Prana Pratishta of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Marble moorty, along with Sri Ganapati, Sri Dattatreya, Sri Dhyananjaneya, Sri Subrahamanya and Sri Koormamu and Paadukalu was done on 24th June 2007 by Sri Sri Sajjanagada Ramaswamy garu of Sri Pada Sri Vallabha Swamy Sansthanam, Pithapuram.

Devotees from near and far away places come to the Mandir to get Sri Sai Baba's Blessings and Grace. Every year on the day of the pratistha the Trustees, perform the Annual celebrations on a grand scale with Homas, poojas & Annadanam.